[11] Illness and its grip on you

A disease stricken mind can’t function at its fullest potential but if you stay idle you are letting it overpower you. Have you tried hard enough to work your mind in 102 degrees temperature that you are radiating?

Illness forms a grip on you when you let it. The best way to at least make your mind recover from this illness is never let it get into your head. 

I was struck by fever yesterday and my body can compete with the sunlight outside. But once my bout of imposed weakness ended, I rehearsed. The first few minutes of making my actor rehearse were marred by my lack of concentration and inability to focus on his performance but once I asked my cinematographer to film the rehearsal it all changed.

We reviewed the first footage and it felt as if my fever had transformed itself into a fever of adrenaline surging through my body. Seeing the result on the screen provided me with a sense of confidence that I have lacked throughout the making of this short film.

Although, I still boil, I am sure I will turn this into writing and have that sense of an adrenaline rush again. And stand on the shoulder of this illness and not let its grip over me grow firmer.

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