[3]Thoughts on thoughts.

...With every passing day, I discover new things about myself, others, about the world. How can we store the sudden bursts of thoughts we have? How do we find a way to recall that same emotion that we felt when we first had thought and with the same intensity? ...My resilience was in sync with [...]

[2] Atlanta.

[2] Atlanta.

Donald Glover, the multi-talented creator of the show "Atlanta" has knocked my brains out with his TV series. It has captured my mind like none and it's done in less than 30 minutes. The mixture of the real and the surreal, focussing on the tone, and the characters impeccable comic timing makes it stand apart. [...]

[1] Clarity.

Clarity is what I seek. To listen to my thoughts and know that every word that springs up in my stream of consciousness, it is there for a reason. A normal day in my life looks like an organised mess. Organised because I know that I have to wake up every day, go to college, [...]