[20] Questions Series: What Gives Me Energy?

I am starting a series of write-ups with the purpose to guide myself towards a better version of myself where I introspect and answer one question per day.


Today’s question is –

What gives me energy?

I am sitting on the edge of my chair sipping coffee every now and then and writing this. There is a certain energy in drinking coffee that charges me up and gets my grey matter lean towards my creative side. A good coffee when engulfed it disseminates energy throughout your body and the caffeine rush you feel is vigorous. A good coffee coupled with a set routine sets my day apart from the rest of the miserable lazy ones. Even red bull gives me wings.

The adrenaline in my body starts to pump up all the wiring in my brain when I watch a moment in a movie that just makes me jump out in joy. A good movie is like an instant energizer for me no matter how low on energy I am.

The same is the case with reading a well-written book as it happened while reading Stoner by John Williams, Munnu by Malik Sajad. A good sentence or even a good narrative point just elevates my senses.

A good conversation filled with mind-expanding ideas and a new outlook on a particular topic also provides great pleasure to me. One conversation that is highlighted in my brain is one with my friends where a plain truth came out of hiding that we all are similar in many ways, even though we show the world different versions of ourselves. An in-depth conversation with a person reveals parts of them which you relate to definitely. Everyone is scared, everyone wants to rebel which is more out of a fist fight to know yourself rather than fighting with society.

So in summary, I have realised these things give me energy.

– A good cup of coffee
– A good movie
– A well-written book
– A good conversation
– Curiosity following finding something exciting

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