[29] Stop Making Excuses

Excuses are the worst form of a seemingly incurable disease that can happen to us. It is another way of staying under the sheets when you should be going out. Let’s delve deep into the psyche of excuses today. Why do we make excuses?

A task so daunting that makes us feel small, makes us surrender. The task seems daunting because it exists out of our comfort zone. We find it alien to our current framework of mind. We make excuses. Notice how I use the word “make” because excuses are essentially stories we tell ourselves. Stories that lie, masquerading fear for reasons we tell ourselves.

We live in a time where a mere phone call can raise tension in our minds. Embracing the truth in this post-truth world has become increasingly difficult to the extent we tell each other different versions of the truth. Excuses have invaded the landscape of jokes where we have normalised it to the extent where we don’t feel we have cheated on our potential.

Complaining is the cousin of excuses and they both go hand in hand. Try this once. Recognise your closed one making an excuse for a thing she/he does not want to do or feels defeated by. Call them out for the excuse and see an earthquake emerge in your relation with them just for that little while.

People have always been uncomfortable when listening to a perspective that does not necessarily match with theirs. Uncomfortableness leads to irritability. Irritability leads to anger. Anger leads to bad decisions. Bad decisions are well, you know, bad decisions.

This post is essentially a talk with my psyche. I have named this blog “smoke words every day” but am I writing every day on it? No. Why? Excuses.

So I hereby set rules that I shall live by from today.

Rule no.1 – No complaining
Rule no.2 – No explaining (excuses)
Rule no.3 – 10,000 hours like it’s nothing


Tell me your stories? Some excuse you make every day? Write it out to let it out.

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