[57] Freewrite back into focus.

It’s been a long while since words have flowed out of my brain and formed a concrete idea. Now all I do is live inside my brain and let it sink in the moments I perceive to be of importance.

The will to write has been eradicated by the monotony of waking up, getting ready, sleepsitting through lectures, going to the gym, wasting time on the internet. The productive nature of my soul has gone for a vacation.

I feel artistically bankrupt.

The need for journaling to analyse my day demands to be of second nature to me but the drive to let another routine guide me is slipping away every day. The thoughts that arrive, arrive hiding in a legion of themselves instead of an individual knock at my door. Writing is the activity which separates the legion into individuals who have an inert nature to themselves which when expanded would leap out in attention.

The days are just sliding past like the trees, and I am sitting by the window watching it skid away behind before I can look at it with a zoom lens. The call for introspection arrives but gets lost in the vast ocean of crumpled up waves.

So here I am reiterating my goals.


Out of these, I’ve only been doing exercise. One out of eight is a catastrophe.

Deep work that can be done now is the writing of the next script, finishing the edit of the current movie, the sound too. Also, assignments can be done through deep work.

Introspection can be done in tandem with writing.

Less phone should be made a priority. Even though I have turned off my notifications, I still feel the urge to open applications that give me temporary satisfaction.

I’ll start meditating 5 mins a day and then increase it with time. This is very important for my mental state.

I’ve stopped reading abruptly, so I need to find a book that grips me into it again for one hour a day.

Writing is something I need to perform every day. This blog post serves as the first act of commitment towards it. Now I need to plan weekly blog posts on various topics. So tomorrow will be choosing those topics that I can write about and then to make a schedule filled with deadlines to complete it.

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