[71] The Dinosaur Poem.

Fear of the unknown unsettles
the clarity I was happily settled in
The unsettling turns into a grim excitement
as ego burns the fear away into a galaxy unknown.
I embark.

They appear, towering 20 feet above the trees
Resilient, sturdy legs and a roar that deafens even silence
In hope for an unknown galaxy, I ignored the unknown of the Earth
The dinosaurs.

They face me, or rather ignore my existence as
just another particle of dust that rises from the stomp of their feet
With every step, they take, I and my anxiety rise high
Anxiety turns to numbing, numbing to fear, fear to flight
I run.

A voice, I hear, as if a part of me
“Save them. Do not be afraid of them.”
Still running. But to them, I was possibly in the same place.
They recognise me, and with a pace slower than a bullet
but with a force stronger than a bomb, they pick up their feet.
I look back, and a delirium comes over
I see.

The sky no longer blue, but a burning yellow
The dinosaurs no longer moving, but content at their fate
A fate that had written death. Watching them, I realise life
But I. I… trip over a rock as they trip over theirs.
I die.

Back into the clarity, I ask for some it
“You could not save them….again”
I reply, “Gladly, history isn’t mine to change”
I walk out from the simulation to enter into a trap
A life where I crave content through things
A life where clarity is a form of insanity.
So as I walk, I wait for the asteroid
to fall from the sky.
Waiting to close my eyes.

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