[127] Life: A Parody

Aren’t we all just parodies of our true selves?

Trying to feign reality but only becoming an amusement in return. We are always striving for the illusory knowledge of ourselves but all we find is an illusory illusion which breaks when we probe further.

Where does the answer to the quest of our journey lie? Is it in the progress of our intellect or is it a culmination of the mistakes which lead to a revelation, which becomes redundant when met with a culmination of more mistakes and another revelation.

Questions arise and answers go further away. We reach up to a point where “ignorance is bliss” echoes inside ourselves, almost caressing our lack of persistence. The question of “what if we really knew the answer” rises up. If we do get to know the answer to our journey, we’ll be a rarity among mankind. A man who knows here is not right. He is wrong for listening to other fallacies, others who have stopped their search for meanings and answers to their quest.

So is the man who knows the answer liberated or is he actually cursed?

5 thoughts on “[127] Life: A Parody

  1. The man who knows the answer to who he is will never bother about anything he knows who he is and is above illusion but since he is in this world of illusion he has to be here but he is not part of this world. Beautiful piece of writing, Rahul

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