[233] The Path That Leads Nowhere

corruption of memory
erosion of attention
erasing of tedium
the distance increases
enlightenment is fleeting
the trail is leading
to a bloodbath of people
that tried it before me
the echoes of their cries
just die out before me
I live a lived life
that’s set out for me

follow the path
listen to my voice
you’ll reach the end
before you can blink twice
they said it with conviction
which masked all insecurities
which masked all their mistakes
that they set up for me

I didn’t realise
I live a dead life
I see defeat before me
I let out a cry that dies just in while
before another version of me
reaches the bloodbath of time
of all that I tried
to reach infinity’s end
I’m closer and further away
at the same time

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