[256] Divine Envy

Stealing the universe from God
We live in divine envy
We live in isolation
from all the times we’ve died in our dreams
Collecting rain in our umbrellas
We walk away from our own self
Like the darkness exists outside us
And inside us is a star burning in glee

The truth is rather strange
Starlight reaching our eyes a little too late
If we’re honest to ourselves we’ll recognise
we’re just looking at a time gone by
We’re just feeling a feeling that is felt
We’re just thinking a thought that has left

Memories smudged by recollections
Questions forgotten by irate reactions
The beginnings are robbed by the present
which is persistent in its survival
Making sense of the confusion
is the only thing we can understand
Finding focus in distractions
are the stars in this vastness
so we don’t feel the guilt
of stealing the universe from God

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