[279] Past, Present & Future

Living off of premonitions
Surviving off of doomed predictions
Can you change your fate
as all your peers fail to prove you wrong
Can you become something that
you’ve never seen?

I never realised that the aftermath
is not my future
I never realised the empathy
for some is exclusion
I’ve never seen the potential
of all that I’ll never be
Denying myself of the reality
I could have touched and seen

Walking through a bloodied street
The sky is turning red it seems
The wind blows a salty sea
My eyes reflect the doom of yesterday and today
I’ve lived through another day
A monotonous yesterday
and a soulless today
Corpses collected to disremember
the individuals that they were
as we transformed them into a myth in our minds
A story of yesterday seen through today’s eyes
Should I be living for the story I’ll become
or should I live for the flashes before I die?
or should I just live for the today
hoping tomorrow will be kind

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