[293] The Edge of Extreme

It’s a game of balance
Past present and future
You have to live in one of them
completly madly and truly
If you tip over to the other
Just be ready to be drowned by time

Nostalgia doesn’t know mindfulness
And mindfulness doesn’t know emotions
Daydreaming disregards both
as if you’re not even existing
You thought you’re balancing the two sides
when the third one was the pole you have to balance
You’re balancing between two extremes
while keeping focus in the middle alive

The coin flips and it lands on its edge
The edge you were chasing all this while
You never knew it was so easy to grab it
and yet so difficult to grasp it
Now you know the truth and yet you stay aloof
Now you’re comfortable balancing it all
Afraid to give over to the fumes
Afraid to tip over to the new

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