[304] The Morning Light

Where do we go from here when we’re unable
to contain where we are right now
Only questions swirl in our minds
and our mouth only answers in the language of sighs

Where should I go to hear about the stories of courage
of the countless scared policemen who are returning
each night with memories of empty streets
Where can I hear about the politician whose conscience
is undergoing a change as thinking for the good is the
only way they can do to keep their relevance now
leaving behind their old ways

Who were you before all of this happened?
Will you be the same when all of this ends, when it does if it does?
Will you still wait till the last ring
before you pick up your mother’s call?
Will you still shy away from talking to strangers
lest they turn to friends with expectations

Or will you live life mindfully, choosing your decisions
to fall in line with the state of flow you try to achieve
Till we balance out to the new normal
let’s just help each other to carry on
Let’s help each other in searching words for what
we’re going through
a collective consciousness metamorphosis

12 thoughts on “[304] The Morning Light

  1. You asked, “Will you be the same when all of this ends?” No! Nothing should remain the same … only God is unchanging! My prayer is we ALL have a wide awakening that results in a New Awareness and a more caring, loving, compassionate world. That’s my prayer.

    1. I totally agree with you. But that’s the nature of being human, we don’t change until we’re forced to see the tangibility of the consequences our inability to change is causing. Hope we do!

  2. We will have to find our new normal after it burns itself out. Let’s hope it’s a less economically and more socially and earth centred normal

    1. The paradox is that economics is what makes the social and moral normals for some. Once you give people the money, they have time to think about the moral consequences. But ya then there is the other extreme. The economic inequality. Which is something I hope doesn’t increase.

  3. Beautiful, thank you for posting . In times like these we can become more compassionate and more frustrated. Change is inevitable. Love is an intentional choice. every minute, every day- let it begin with me.

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