[327] The Test of Dawn

I give in to the dark of sleep
before it’s sunless outside⁣
Self preservation of the highest order⁣
so I don’t burn away and can rather fade⁣
into a dreamland where I commit mistakes⁣
Where I live without the sword of perfection⁣
dangling over like it’s judgement day⁣

I wake up before the sun
to feel⁣ the night for only a little while⁣
Just to check if the guilt still exists⁣
Just to see if the dark still invites⁣
the imagination of the wicked or⁣
has it finally transformed by the way of habit⁣
But every dawn I’m proven wrong⁣
Every day is an invention of a new character⁣
to keep afloat and to keep me sane⁣
I’m always thinking uniquely each day⁣
but the ending remains the same

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