[395] Invisible Wall Between Us

Touchdown depression ⁣
cherries on top of my heavy head⁣
Solutions in the banned books ⁣
linger in my purposeless walks ⁣
My movement holds my secrets ⁣
but I choose to guard it with my stance⁣

The last matchstick ⁣
couldn’t save my world ⁣
from drowning ⁣
My spruce nerves cause ⁣
havoc in my neurotic brain
Alone, the only word that remains ⁣

Silent pistols with violent dreams ⁣
monochrome memoirs of my past mistakes⁣
I held my hand, it shook the earth⁣
I found my resolve, all broken up⁣
Puzzle pieces too close to sight ⁣
Lost the view of the world⁣
Moonless moonlight

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