[405] The Memory You Will Forget


Suspended in air
Flights of supersonic speed
or your fancies
I’ve landed in a liminal space
where the afterthoughts
give way for thoughts
about to arrive
I start relating with the footnote
which gives respite from the passage
adding more to what you already knew and
to understand better what you will know
The umbilical cord is cut
and I arrive at the threshold of change

Meaning threshold

Disillusions of traumatic events
strike me at the time of dusk or dawn
when everything is not as it normally is
as you grapple for the antonym of an aftermath
Just so you are better prepared for the event
that is about to change your life
I reflect to find expression of this feeling
I express to find meaning in this living


It is time to return to a new home
and apply all that I had learned
I am neither suspended in the air
nor rooted in the land
I am in a dream
that forewarns my detachment
to the ever flowing reality
The clouds have descended
or the ground has ascended
I don’t know
All I know is I have changed
having no memory of the change at all

6 thoughts on “[405] The Memory You Will Forget

  1. We all change day by day – intentionally or not. It just happens. I don’t remember growing “old.” and at 81 I refuse to accept it.
    “The clouds have descended
    or the ground has ascended” who knows!?
    It just is… and it’s OK! <3

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