[408] The Shapeless Blur Returns

Suppression returns ⁣
as an unfamiliar familiarity
that was forgotten⁣
Vile cuts on my soul⁣
an emptiness restored⁣
All the footsteps fade ⁣
All the learnings lost⁣
The dread of years ago⁣
awaits to rain on my parade⁣

Alive and feeling numb⁣
A quiet night is a blur ⁣
A flying bird mocks ⁣
the ones who fall ⁣
on their own ⁣
Widescreen narrow lanes⁣
contours of the brains obscure⁣

A trance of melancholy⁣
I find my memories smudged ⁣
until remains of dust
accrue on my dopamine reserves⁣
I live in extremes of being known ⁣
to anonymity I observe ⁣
I’ll finally find myself in a blank state ⁣
or I’ll lose myself in extremes of a shapeless blur

The first part – [24] Shapeless Blur

A song – How To Disappear Completely

One thought on “[408] The Shapeless Blur Returns

  1. Goodness!! I hope you find yourself in those “extremes of a shapeless blur.” I pray you can change that “blank state” to one of vivid memories and plentiful refills of dopamine.

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