[409] Blue World

Yellow light by the fireside ⁣
Our eyes catch each other ⁣
You can see that I can’t be ⁣
anyone that I am now ⁣
I look around and find it there⁣
loneliness sitting by my side⁣
I can be anything ⁣
you want me to ⁣
to not feel this way⁣
I am against ⁣
what my body wants ⁣
me to feel ⁣
for me to heal⁣
I am against ⁣
your touch that leaves ⁣
me to be ⁣
out of my mind⁣

I slow down my breath⁣
to a whimper of your regrets⁣
All I do is all I can ⁣
All you do is enough for me ⁣
All I am is better now ⁣
but not enough for any time ⁣
It’s been a long way down⁣
into a spiral of fire and light ⁣
to leave it all behind ⁣
I leave it all behind ⁣
To leave it all behind⁣
I leave myself behind

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