[26] Dreams That Hit You.

The impact of my body hitting the door was so loud that I made a big roaring sound. I wouldn’t have been able to hit the door this hard in my wakefulness because of my frail skeleton of a body. But my mind was more focussed on something else. The demon that hit me.

I lay down on the floor and I almost forgot where I was. All the days spending rotten in this shithole hid under the labyrinth of my dream-induced state.

I was shocked though that no one came in to check the source of this loud sound. I checked the door for once by placing my ear on the door. A low buzzing sound was all that came. I finally lay down on my bed to …


REM hit me and there I was. I found a love light in a storm that was approaching me. Love took over me and in order touch and be near that love light I drove faster.

I was inside the storm and tried to touch it and suddenly it transformed into roses full of thorns with the demon holding it. I suddenly flinched and in a knee-jerk response, my arm hit the rose. It started circling us.

We were up in the air inside the storm almost levitating. I looked down and I saw my past encounters with the demon playing out which ended up in him punching me.

“What’s the point of you getting the brunt of my anger? I am you. Why don’t you understand that? You are hell bent on making me angry and I just can’t stop enjoying, to hit you with my full force.” said the demon.

“You call that your full force? I chuckled.

Like a stroke of lightning came the heaviest of them all. A punch that didn’t cause a blackout but a vision filled with light. White light.

I woke up. And the door is open. Finally.

I sneaked and noticed the guard with his earphones on sleeping like a baboon, probably dreaming. Today is my lucky day.

I am out of this rotten shithole finally. No longer a captive.

That’s a way to conquer your demons.

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