[39] #NaPoWriMo [10/30] {You Are Made of Smoke}

…in between her gaze and her stare
I fell in love
Just inside her lovely mind
I fell in love
A galaxy in her mind that expands, though
To my every mistake she fumes, though
Her frightened face became her freckled face
Her freckled face became her frightened face
To distinguish between her gaze and her stare
a mirage that stood still
mocking at my existence
mocking at my persistence
“Where do you live?” it asks
In the thought of emotions
or the emotion of thoughts?
Where a micro-expression on her face
disrupts your idea of a human race
Or where the display of her silence
slits your throat sharper than a razor blade she holds,
but to you, only you bleed
Oh, you bleed constantly
until you are made of smoke
A smoke that shied away
and breathes all the air
the air becomes her
So you become her
and now you can see
why she never utters speech
You are made of smoke
and smoke is all she breathes
Her lungs are all corrupted
Her thoughts are all disrupted
Her voice is all a crackle
Which sounds like a chuckle
so all you give her is a chuckle
when bare knuckles is all you should get
But her bare back is all you want to see
That lovely ecstasy
that only you can feel
and you are made of smoke
and smoke is all she breathes.

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