[50] Knock Knock Who’s There?

I am alive, I know it
The rigorous thumping of my door reminds me
The lively riot inside me
A live show it stages inside me
The rigorous thumping of my heart reminds me
It reaches a crescendo where my brain vibrates
Convulsions warn me of the beast inside me
I pop a pill and then it slows, the curtains all rose
Am I alive? I don’t know it
The thumping ceases, the vibrations at a halt
The convulsions inside me softens into thousand huge pillows
I lay above them, like clouds they carry me
Reminder of a rain and storm they hold is all but a delusion
Only the high remains, that I can’t find otherwise
Addiction stands outside, eyeing me with graves of pillow fights behind it
Will I accept the thumping again? or let the curtains fall down?
Or just open up the door for addiction to help me drown?

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