[378] The Answers Lie Here

How much weight do I carry ⁣
all the way to my cranium⁣
all the weight of the worlds’ pretence ⁣
losing my way in my head⁣
Taking it all so seriously⁣
to believe that a poem needs structure⁣
that it needs rhyme to stay sane⁣
when it all really needs is emotion⁣
and an intuition to guide it⁣
All it needs is a semblance of truth⁣
and for a captive reader to decipher it ⁣
All you need is an escape from your life⁣
and these words to form a safe haven⁣
But ironically it reminds you ⁣
A vacation is futile ⁣
if you return to familiar problems⁣
with the same escapist solutions⁣
It reminds us⁣
that our world needs fixing⁣

and not this incomplete poem or rhyme

10 thoughts on “[378] The Answers Lie Here

  1. Structure is only, in my learning and reflection, as interesting for what it defies doing. You just nailed it. I call this nuance. Ex. Typical poem AABBCC etc. You were using themes instead of rhymes and that’s what I do. Much more interesting imo. Also theoughing in some XYyZz with unique word choice or tone is my thing. People find that way more compelling… I mean I do. Great!

      1. Thank you for helping me how to continue to see the world positively and appreciate what is. The things we see: are ourselves? A world blind to this is a place I’ve sheltered and weather a storm. Rookie of every hour. Sage of each
        Dance of c on flicT.
        What I do you help me be: the only way. Friend of my core self, when poetry happens: it is and sees itself.

      2. Oh, I’m not done yet. You inspired me and I’m linking to your post if that’s alright. I’m explaining what it means to me: that was the first poem I read after I conquered 30 years of mental illness, so now I’m all emotional. Make it up to me if you want by letting me link to your post. Here’s my poem again with a brief introduction and explaination: https://mightbewrite.wordpress.com/2020/12/19/my-mental-illness-was-now-my-poetry-response/

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