[444] The Festival of Poetry

In the bloom of April⁣
discipline is cultivated and⁣
the morning light feels curious⁣
Heightened awareness ⁣
for words unknown⁣
from unconscious worlds unexplored⁣
The rise of wordsmiths ⁣
cultivating a culture of rhyme⁣
creating a bridge from their ⁣
abyss to walk into the readers’ soul ⁣

We dream alliterations in April⁣
and imagine imagery in its infinite jest⁣
We personify the prompts given ⁣
and keep our nifty thesaurus in check⁣
All for the thrill of imperfect creations ⁣
All for the thrill of overcoming mistakes
All for giving attention to things⁣
we usually take for granted ⁣
like the moon, sun or the poetic form⁣
All for the purpose of giving birth ⁣
to a feeling, an emotion, an escape⁣
All for the purpose of feeling human
we stop time in poems and begin
pursuing the purpose of truth

NaPoWriMo Day 25: Our prompt for today (optional, as always) is to write an “occasional” poem. What’s that? Well, it’s a poem suited to, or written for, a particular occasion. 

My poem is about the month of April and serves as an ode to this festival of poetry we are all celebrating. Hope you share some of the feelings I have felt about NaPoWriMo here!

16 thoughts on “[444] The Festival of Poetry

  1. Wow this idea is indeed so unique, all of us participating to write poetry every April is an occasion in itself. Very well written! Enjoyed reading this piece 😊

  2. ohmygod this poem is so good!!!! so many pleasing moments I don’t know where to start. But i found the word abyss just gorgeous.

  3. THE Occasion. This Poetry Month is indeed deserving of this homage. I share in your thoughts here, Rahul.
    I celebrated NaPo as well but had to come clean with a confession first.
    Thanks for sharing. Keep going. All the best. I wish you miracles.

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