[8] Trip To Imagica.

To add to the New Year cheers our college decided to take us to Adlabs Imagica for a day filled with a mixture of entertainment and an informative experience. We reached Adlabs situated on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway after a bumpy bus ride.


The coordinators fulfilled the formalities to get us in, and we were guided into a room where the Adlabs crew gave us an introduction about what Imagica really is, the history and the audio-visual legacy of it. They had prepared a special screening of the Cinema 360 degree dome, which is the first of its kind in India.


It was a surreal experience, to say the least, a virtual dive deep into the ocean. The mesmerising film was an animated movie about a dark prince trying to get rid of his curse and it was made possible by constructing a dome covering 3100 Ft. and 6 projectors at a 4K resolution. Adlabs is Asia’s first Digital Intermediate Lab with a 4K facility.


The theme park itself feels like a storyline with its gigantic footprint and different types of entertainment facilities. The themes vary from films, India, American diner, etc.


After the 360 Cinema, we were guided to “I for India”, a stunning film which is shot from a helicopter displaying the scenic view of India and its various landscapes on 90 feet wide screen. The ride filled with the beauty of India offered attractions from various parts of India, even though North-East India and states like Bengal were left out of the presentation.


After that, we ate lunch and were given the permission to do whatever we wanted to do. We all went for death-defying rides like Nitro, Drop Dead, Scream Machine. I went to a quiet corner in a garden and sat on a gigantic rock and observed the park and its liveliness from afar. The smiles spread throughout people’s faces, the sheer excitement of a ride, and the fear before a ride, it felt like the trip was a rollercoaster of emotions in itself.

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