[9] Forgetfulness of Dreams.

You wake up from another world, still suffering from the dizziness you were engulfed in. A senseless world it was, weird in nature but some say it tells a lot about your deepest secrets.


You sleep, ignorant about the world you’re about to get in, yet you will be inside it. A fall, to warn you of the illusion you are about to see.

Then, you are consumed by it, bits and pieces of visuals and sounds mashing together. Bits and pieces that your mind has conjured up to process the life you live.

You feel helpless in the clutches of death, overjoyed in the arms of ecstasy. Dreams mean everything but nothing at all it seems.

The dream may vary from being detailed to just a shapeless blur. It can make your heart thump rapidly and suddenly, you wake up from your slumber.

You are disoriented and try to differentiate between what you experienced and the reality you find yourself into. You do it by focussing on the things that surround you, your to-do list for the day.  And then….

You forget.


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