[10] A Restart

I am a film-maker. Currently, a short film-maker as my hands is tied to make a feature film. I have written a story for a short film and have failed tried to make it two times.

I am restarting it.

Doubt creeps into my mind and plays a game with under-confidence which is tied to my back. There are some things I want to do right but my tongue fights with my mouth.

Can I complete the short film this time?

I don’t think there is an option this time. Making films should be intuitive to me like a driver driving a car. I just need to keep on making it, and being stuck on one particular script would be devastating to my career.

I press reset in this game of filmmaking. Learning from the past mistakes and this time I won’t try. I will complete the film and it will be awesome.

(Mad Genius)


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