[14] I have no time.

That’s the biggest excuse we give us, our emotional response to our inability to do a certain task is

I have no time.

Maintaining this blog every day will take about 30 minutes to think about the topic (If I am going for a detailed post), 20 minutes to write, 5 minutes to edit and if needed 10 minutes to re-write.

All I need is one hour out of my “busy schedule” and I’ll get this blog up and going.

Time is fairly relative, only procrastination makes time go faster. Procrastination is the enemy, yes, but a wrong mindset is a bigger one.

For me to think that this blog has no utility will make me think on a tangent that will end up with this blog staying stagnant and the motto of “smoke words every day” unfulfilled.

So this a challenge to myself. To write continuously for a period of 1 month, all in around 200 words a day. Then I shall up the ante when this challenge ends.

See you tomorrow.


P.S. It took a gut feeling of 1 second to set to write this blog, 8 minutes to write it all, no time to edit.

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