[17] Thoughts on “Arrival”

A spoiler-free general review of Denis Villeneuve’s “Arrival”

A slow start marked a heart-wrenching ride of the year. I checked the time elapsed and it was 25 minutes, feeling that the director could have cut the scenes faster or remove certain parts. Boy, I was wrong.

What he was doing was giving us viewers a slow poison which sucked us into the world of Arrival and so much so I didn’t want to come back to reality. I wanted to feel these emotions for a longer period of time.

Amy Adams has done a brilliant job of underplaying her character and make us empathise with the “aliens”. It is basically an acting 101.

But this movie is a lot more about acting. It’s about the questions that arise in your mind and questions that demand answers.

The non-linear frame of the story delves deep into the psyche of the theme that the movie is conveying through the language of the aliens, which deconstructs and moulds time as we know it.

This movie doesn’t spoon feed you out with the help of a character (wink, wink Interstellar) but rather takes you along the journey of learning and discovering your purpose here on Earth, if not then it plants a seed of a question. A question that will stay with you for a long time like this movie.

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