[16] The Incoherence of Thought

She writes an epic to me venting her ordeals
Against me
I stay shut, unaware of my own blankness

She says words, words that surround me
Like a legion
I explode into a flurry of shakes aware of my own madness

She wants me to be naked
In front of a mirror
I hide my demons until they tear apart the fabric that holds me together 

She wreaks havoc unto me
And her own body
I only have eyes for myself ignoring her gradual decay into nothingness

She is blinded by a light
I am that volcano
She sees me under it
I am the source of it
She hopes that I am bathed in it
I am the cause of it
She… She…
I… I…

I am lost.
Lost in my grey matter of incoherence
Incoherence marks my path
Path that leads nowhere
Nowhere is where I belong

I am lost.
Lost in my own thoughts
Thoughts faster than light
Light that I am blinded by
By my own virtue, I will lie
Lie under a blanket of fire
Fire extinguished  in a house where I belong

The incoherence of thought.


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