[21] What is a Story?

Stories are dreaming with our eyes open. It’s the art of convincing people of a certain idea but with a narrative, they can relate to. A writer puts his scrambled thoughts in a structure which may be linear, non-linear. The most vital stories of our ages are the one where the writers have “something to say”.

Stories are the bedrock on which human beings advance. Every single day of our life is layered with multiple stories that we tell each other. We lie to ourselves by making us believe in a narrative far from reality. The escapism of our life stems from the art of storytelling which fools us into a deep slumber filled with dreams.

We are telling the same stories repeatedly thinking we’re the first ones to come up with it. But there is a need for a story to be repeated, there is a need for us to learn the lessons again because of our human nature. We fall into a trap of not listening to it the first time it was told so we need to hear, see and more importantly feel it again.

Cubes are an interesting shape. They are multi-dimensional and another look at a cube can change its shape, even though it is still the same. This change of the viewpoint is perspective. Perspective is the foundation through which great stories are voiced. A great writer expresses a story through the myriad perspectives of different characters with different viewpoints and how the same meaning can be interpreted in many ways giving it the distinction of being an art form.

Stories are like cubes but a lot of them. Writers make use of this interesting phenomenon and sometimes tell the same story but with a different perspective shaped by their own personal experiences, viewpoints, biases and intelligence. They tap into their own passion, subconscious and infuse meaning into the narrative creating a fascination around the story. Writers are the vectors through which the same story is repeated.

Stories have been an integral part of our history since the dawn of civilisation. Lessons were first passed on by verbal storytelling and then the first image was drawn, an act of worship as a painting. Stories transpose us into a world of imagination very similar to dreams but the ones we can control.

Our imagination knows no boundaries and the very act of make-believe is ingrained in our psyche since we are born. As a child, we are told stories of horror “Don’t go far away from your house, a monster lives there” “Put your broken tooth under the pillow and a fairy will descend from heaven giving you a gift”. That is why we shouldn’t lose our child-like imagination which is the most creative and instead of writing stories with caution, we should let our thoughts flow freely and not let them vaporise.


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  1. Love this! So true about stories and where they come from. When I sit down to write a book ….it is like I am living what I write. I see it as a movie in my mind and it just comes. It’s that simple really. I have written many books all at the same time and I have never gotten any of them confused with each other and always take right off from where I ended last. Writing is nurturing for the soul and mind of the reader and the creator. We can write something and share it and without even knowing it, it can touch a life and create change or some type of closure for them that they needed. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful works! I am a huge fan already! Peace….

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