[32] Birds of Freedom


Stay Strong!

Humans Don’t Cry!

These words were inscribed on a wall under which I watch a human like me, traumatised, unlike me. The ground is neat and clean, we humans have done a massive job at cleaning our surroundings to mirror our inner thinking, clean as a whistle. Up in the air were birds flying high, but unusual for today the sky did not seem blue. They were flying fast as if flying away from some type of madness. As if the madness consumed them. A tornado of birds. But unusually they make no sound. Like they are sneaking away.

But he… he sits there. A dirty stain on the reputation we’ve built for ourselves. The frontrunners of clarity of thought, of paying attention to things every other species has ignored. What is he doing there curled up almost like a baby? Even babies don’t cry nowadays. Why is he? Who is he?

I walk up to him, my right hand neatly placed on my belt, just in case.

“Why are you being a blot of our kind? Misery does not exist anymore.”

He stays shut. Transfixed at nothingness. But nothingness did not exist anymore. Water flows down his face. What was it called back then? Tears.

“Can’t you see up your head. It’s clear in writing. Pay attention! Humans don’t cry. We are not like other species. We live by our own rules. What made you cry? I will solve the problem out for you. Just tell me what it is. Did someone close die? Just get on with it and move on.”

A sound filled the environment. A sound so familiar yet so distant it seemed now. The sound of my president.

“We have started undertaking the killings of birds. The creatures that are hell-bent on working against humanity. They have been a nuisance to humankind these days. From now on in every city, every human will take up arms and shoot upwards. And remember. Stay strong. Humans don’t cry”

He finally spoke. “Someone close to me did die”

I had tears in my eyes too. The news conjured up emotions I did not know I had.

“Who died?” I asked battling my tears.


Shots fired up in the sky. The quietness of the city soon turned into a battle against birds. They screamed. It was raining that day. No one could hide their tears under this rain. The rain of birds.

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