[33] Concrete Jungle Never Leaves You

Nature has a way of connecting us with our inner selves. The idea of being away from the concrete jungle of cities is immediately followed up by unwinding, loosening up, connecting with our real self. Introspection comes naturally unlike in high rises where tall skyscrapers pose as an inferior substitute for tall trees. The city sucks the life out of us while trees have the impression of giving life to us, so just the thought of them springs up a certain ease in your mind rather than uneasiness.

When surrounded by mountains, adventure comes naturally too. A desire to explore the outer world lets us understand our inner world. We discover new emotions when enveloped by snow-capped mountains and standing on the edge of the cliff. While doing this we stand on the edge of our comfort zone too.

Death has always terrorised us into realising our deepest desires and manifestation when we force ourselves to be in a situation like standing on the edge of the cliff, it simulates that same deadly experience. An experience that produces adrenaline which tries to uncover the truth that we have covered with all the “things” we surround ourselves with.

The gargantuan mountains make us realise that we are all but a tiny speck of dust in the scheme of things. One looks down the cliff and we can see the vast expanse of the ocean which represents clarity of thought that we seek but never find.

And suddenly. The weather shifts. A storm comes making us feel at bay with our emotions inside the concrete jungle. As if the tall skyscrapers are originating from the ocean in the form of a tsunami. The clarity of thought vanishes as you run towards the ocean trying to salvage whatever nirvana you found. You try to wash away the emotions, the baggage, the fears, the dread of the concrete jungle at the shore. But it’s like water. It always comes back to your feet.

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