I drag my misery with me

To the light clouds shaped mountains

Hoping they’ll lift the weight

Put me at halt, a work against gravity
Offer a refuge to my restlessness

A home to my anxiety

And give me a pass to leave them there

And tell me not to be a snowball

Collecting panic running downhill

Until it explodes into a flurry

Of an attack, on my very being.
So I drag along to them, shout to them to

call my vices, imprison them here

Under the snow, above the peak

Below the river, beyond the border

To compel them to run for life, instead of me

And let me slow my pace at destruction

Let me lift my eyes to look at the starry night
Instead of waiting for a shooting star in the dark

To believe in the legend of it to help me

So I make up a legend of my own
You, the clouds at the peak

Will descend down for me, to me

Make it rain and wash away my misery

Flood my anxiety out of me

Electrocute my panic

And just let me be.

Let me be.