[54] Poetry By My Nightmares

Nights terrify
the rain drowns my scream
The wind that held answers
is distracted to amuse paper boats
and drive it to sink
with me.

1. Drown

A numb sleep
lets you meditate
and makes you dream of colours.
Avoiding red, you accept the blues
A lighthouse like a morse code,
wrecks you.

2. Blues

A blur I am
shapeless in nature
A stir I cause
careless as a stranger
A riot I feel
caressing the devil
A fight to lose
in messing he revels


3. Blur

I’m not imprisoned
but often I become a shadow,
conversing with shots in the dark
Hide and seek I play,
a beautiful chaos I create.


4. Chaos

A smile that lies
The tears that cry
A head that sinks
The heart that blinks
A fire that burns
The roads that turn
lead you to remembrance.


5: Remembrance

A silence that means more than words.
An action that fools the audience
Intelligence mixed with stupidity is
all that gains acceptance.

6. Anxiety

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