[58] Fixation to Perfection

I have 16 drafts pending on my editing table.

I have 6 stories ready for revision.

I have around 18 topics that I can write on in 30 minutes and publish them here.

But I don’t.

Because of fixation to perfection. I think that things can always get better, I can always do better than what it already is.

So, I wait for a euphoric moment that will make me satisfied with whatever I’m writing. But that satisfaction rarely knocks on my door.

This blog was started with the basic purpose of not adhering to my inner voice that screamed the employment of perfection in my work. The purpose was to write and then let it go.

I have to start letting it go. I have a volume of work ready to be released on a regular basis but I’m holding back. There is a need to understand that for us to gain perfection we need to stumble once in a while, fail and pick up the pieces again and push harder than before.

So, I take the action now to push this on my blog. To not research about this topic of “the perfection bias” and just let all my thoughts lay as they are. Only for your consideration and for my own good. The good that will make writing into a discipline.

I hope this is the last blog post I am writing about getting my focus back on writing. The month of August I wish to post at least 15 blog posts.

That is the goal.

15 imperfect blog posts.

2 thoughts on “[58] Fixation to Perfection

  1. I have this philosophy which is applied to my life as a poet. It is simply this. Do it, do it now, do the best you can in this moment. Be damned and publish! Belief in the maxim that “There is No Best, Only Better”, is a key to taking action now. Striving for the ideal is the motivation for activity. The realisation that the latest piece is the best available today, but better is always possible is often the prod I need to Print or Publish a piece. Chris T.

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