[59] Why creating a mood is important.

A mood stays in the background. It is like the ambience to what holds your attention. Without the creation of which your spotlight lit art will not evoke the desired response. The dictionary defines “mood” to be “the atmosphere or pervading tone of something”.

Think about the movies that have stayed with you. Now focus on what they make you feel. There is a specific feeling that they provide you with. The feeling that stays with you even when the movie has finished. It is that feeling that lingers in your mind and a part of lies in your memory.

As we stop consuming and start creating, no one teaches us how to create a mood. So our creation seems inferior to us. It lacks content, quality, detailing but even that would have been forgiven if we would have been able to create an atmosphere for the creation to leave you with a lingering sensation. Mood is the poetry behind your story.

A simple scene of missing a loved one can be conveyed through dialogue.

“I miss her” with the protagonist looking at an image.

But does the audience feel something when they see this? Your guess is as good as mine.

So what we do? We create a mood. We create atmosphere. We create the environment and the right progression towards the message of the scene. Missing someone is the message here.

The film Aankhon Dekhi showed this in a very nuanced situation.

Sanjay Mishra and his brother live together in a lower middle-class joint family. His brother, with constant nagging from his wife, separates from his brother and lives in a new house. Now from the start, we see the ups and downs of the joint family are portrayed on screen. Now that they’ve moved, the status quo changes.

A telephone call comes into the house.

Sanjay Mishra picks up the call. It’s for his brother Rajat Kapoor.

He shouts his brother’s name. Forgetting that he has moved out. The subtlety in which the scene plays out is certain to get an emotion or two out of the audience.

Sanjay Mishra misses his brother but does not admit it. We are shown this detail through this scene. Not accepting or registering that he has moved out of the house.

So as filmmakers we are the torchbearers of creating moments. Moments that dig a knife deep in the audience’s heart and let them feel the pain. Mood is one of the most underlooked devices to get the audience in a situation where they are vulnerable.

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  1. I agree that mood is a very important aspect of a movie. This was an insightful read and being a huge fan of movies, I love reading anything movie related.

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