[149] The Future Waits For None

As I sit here, a realisation dawns on me. The world nods in confirmation of my fear that it doesn’t really require me as it runs without me unabashedly. This doesn’t come as a surprise at all but it comes like that strong gust of wind that uproots even the most rooted grass from the ground. My denial was that grass.

Without me, the sun rises and sets, without me music is made and movies are shot, without me poetry is inspired and without me, people breathe their last. To think like this serves no purpose to me, but it does come once in a while even on my brightest days as it comes now.

Ignorance is a skill that I mastered to ignore the negativity in this thought and on the flipside because ignorance is a skill I learnt, I used it to cover up my fears that strayed me far away from opportunities because they fell out of my comfort zone. Here, no mobile phone was there as a distraction, no acquaintances who carried the desire to listen. All there existed was me. Listening to me. No distractions and the acceptance of the negativity in my soul.

We are all afraid of making mistakes. We are all afraid of fear itself. What we don’t realise is that conquering fear is what makes us human. Humans who once saw the mountains as something so daunting, they never knew what height was. But then one of them stared at the unknown and decided to step out of him/herself and alone he walked, inspiring millions behind.

If you think about it, what twisted minds would think of flying. To think we could be birds without feathers. How much of the destruction has taken for us to reach our loved ones living countries away? This destruction is the source of creation.

So now when I think of the evil inside of me, I caress it for it doesn’t know what lies beyond it. It baffles the evil but now I know what lies beyond is something that will make me someone who the world will call upon for service.

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