[158] Dreams of Sleeping

Silence is threatened when
disruption becomes eternal
The sunshine wanes and
the clouds warn of thunder
Although it’s only a warning
You react as if it is happening
As if the gods have descended
on this hell as a form of last resort

This city looks like hell
then you turn and its heaven
The night warns you not to blink and
the morning warns you not to wake
The streets carry all the extremes
but the truth always lies in the middle
yet you focus on the two ends of a rubber band
being stretched not realising you have become
the tension of the stretched strings

When you first stepped here
you imagined a world for you
Now your world is imagined for you
and you are fearful to step again here
But something pulls you here
A city that runs without a care
A city where you look for the truth
A city which denies you the answer
to your never-ending ruse

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