[157] Information Overload

My attention wavers when I hold you
You give me excitement in the form of acceptance
I give you my attention as a form of currency
Then I crib about how little of it is left in me
to concentrate on this other life
where it feels difficult to get into the zone to really rhyme

I leave you and recognise that you don’t really need me
It fills me with disgust that I wasn’t really needed
I focus on this one thing that you didn’t need me
so I come back running to you to feel that illusion of a
the feeling of you needing me

Now the loop tightens like the coil of a snake
or does it feel like the embrace of a loved one
I can’t really relate
Words form to destruct
Sentences hold the meaning of chaos together
The disintegration of the mind seems to unite
in this perfect instance
where I hold you and you give me several options
of wasting my time

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