[192] Life Is A Freewrite

Losing focus every second
what was mine keeps on slipping
trying to stay in the zone
I crawl towards greed I need more
The times change but I don’t seem to

I wish I didn’t care what everything else is
but you’re a part of my language now
I couldn’t see beyond my reflection
so I broke some mirrors down
but now they reflect pieces of me
I wish you were here to complete it now
Am I trespassing in your pandora’s box?
or am I locked inside it somehow?

Another complication to your wayward life
I try to stay invisible like the truth behind a lie
but your presence demands a summer’s joy
how can I give it to you when I never smile with my eyes?
So let me teach myself first how to rewind summer
to let it play without no control over it
and let it end and not feel dissatisfied
because there’s something bigger out there
for you & I


17 thoughts on “[192] Life Is A Freewrite

  1. Good piece.

    ‘Trespassing or locked inside’. I like this a lot. Do we willingly enter into situations or are we forced into them?

    ‘let it end without feeling dissatisfied’. It can be hard to let go and not want to control the outcome.

    Well done. Thank you for sharing and for liking my post on rightbetter. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Seriously after 1900 followers 😦 man I don’t wanna blog anymore

        Btw you should check out wordpress.org instead of here on.com i researched and it the way to go if my blogging purpose is to earn some extra money 😦

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahaha ya man it’s just the nature of wordpress is all of us are writers and not as much as readers.

        People start blogging and then 90% of them leave it. So these 1900 followers are just by name. My regular readers are 100-150 who keeps on rotating as older one leave blogging and newer ones arrive.


      3. Not really. If your niche is not like mine, which is personal writing, then its easier. For example if you write to educate people about things with a listicle or something that helps them.

        Those blog posts do well outside of wordpress which is needed. Don’t give up on this πŸ˜›


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