[203] Wear Your Best Dress

free my mind of these thoughts
that seem to haunt my living
call upon the angel at dark
only so she can deny helping me
and I can finally let these thoughts in
and destroy me from inside and implode
into little pieces of dust that you have
in your eyes when you wake up
only so you can wash it to
go about your pretty little idea of a good day
with your best red dress on

Let me a be a fool of the millennium
dancing around you like your ferris wheel
and you’re turning, my merry go round
till the crashing stops it all
Shards of glasses reflect whatever remains
we’ve let it run its course
we’ve let it fade away in our minds
we’ve let it go

18 thoughts on “[203] Wear Your Best Dress

  1. Okay I read the poem and I don’t have anything to say but I felt like I should comment. You have an interesting way of mixing tenses and grammar.

  2. Your poetry can be very complicated and I don’t understand it all with my mind. I can feel the emotion clearly, though. I think it is good quality. I don’t always.

    1. Try reading Fernando Pessoa’s “The Book of Disquiet”

      He is someone that I admire like anything. I can’t remember what I read after reading him, but the emotions he stirs in me always remain. I hope to do the same and I will fail time and time again but all I can do is try again.

  3. Oh and for whatever it’s worth, regarding words and grammar… I am not a niggler. Language is for communication and I understand what you are saying. As for grammar, the older I get the less important the comma becomes. Let the reader catch his own breath.😁😆😁 #humor

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