[240] The Man Who Was Always Right

There was a man who was always right
He closed his eyes to see the world in its entirety
He breathed in darkness so reality could never disturb him
And it never did.

There was an open field in front of him
but he sat on his spot unfazed
His zen head cut through the ugly heads of
all the doubts that his heart raised
He went to the funeral of his past mistakes
and powered above this storm. All in his mind.

People arrived at him with whispered delights
A legion, it became but he never moved away
He never spoke, so all of them thought
that his silence had a purpose, unknown
So they followed his wordless path
and closed their eyes. Death of reason.

Then she arrived shouting a warning
Signs of an impending windy threat
Suddenly air left the winds
and they felt a disturbance in their faith
They opened their eyes but all they saw was
the man who was always right
in the same position holding the universe in his mind

Reality came in the form of a storm
The legion abandoned to run further away
until all they could see was a dot that
was forced into the storm
but all of them thought the same thing
“At least the man who was always right
died thinking he was always right”

This was the part of a series called “The Man”

It would be lovely if you take a look at the other parts too.

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