[241] Welcome To The Machine

Grab on to something
so you don’t disappear
This is the ride of the lifetime
are you living with your fears?
We make up our minds too many times
only to live through the night and wake up
in a different time

Block all your thoughts
forget the revolution
forget mankind
and living for the future
forget my advice
make up your mind
then disrupt it completely
Isn’t everything just keeping up with the times?

8 thoughts on “[241] Welcome To The Machine

  1. Ahh! reminds me of all the “most important and revolutionary” ideas we have, that turn to foolish whims as instantly as they appeared.

  2. With all the complexities that life throws at me, sometimes I do feel like succumbing to the humdrum rather than putting my effort in wrong directions and losing it all. I wake up to a dilemma each day, praying that someday my mornings will be sorted and nights only meant for sleep rather than endless thoughts. This was a thought-provoking read!

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