[242] The Generation of Change

We are a blank slate generation
with electric appetite for honesty
Self conscious insecurity
Extroverted brutality
We come with no baggage of history
only a disconnect with reality

Imagination is stretched afar
We wish we were born in a different age
To breathe life into our sweet nothings
We wish you were born in a different age
Resistance and revolution corner our energies
Never learning to channel in one direction
We overflow in alternate realities of our minds

Where do we go from here?
To succumb to what you’ve been telling me is real?
Or to live long enough to believe
we were born in the right era
To live long enough to fix your mistakes
by making some of our own

8 thoughts on “[242] The Generation of Change

  1. I read once of a bit of folklore – that every night when dark falls, God takes down the world and creates it anew – leaving only the shadows as place-holders. This poem reminds me of that because … it sounds so much like what might have been written in the 50s by the beatniks. And in the 60s by the hippies. And in the 70s … well, I’m not so sure about the 70s. That was the disco era. 😉

    Every generation is a new hope. And the elders of every generation criticizes the new for being lazy and disrepectful.

    But in every generation there are those who realize the hope – enough to make it all worthwhile.

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