[243] Control

I’m a believer in anything but me
In need for some time out of my mind
Seeing sullen shadows even when it’s dark
How much can I fight for so long
with so little time left by my side?

Denigration or adulation
My self-worth is pulled to both extremes
The audience claps away the little silence that’s left
I feel the worst on my best days
Self-care is a nightmare to me

The voices from outside don’t align
with the one that matters; from inside
Disconnect in the age of connections
feels like a cliched line to say out loud
Yet I say it because I have nothing else to say
When I have nothing else to say
I tend to remove myself
till the remaining voices
battle it out for
over this mess of a body


8 thoughts on “[243] Control

  1. yes.

    Take for your mirror the eyes of a true friend. See yourself in the reflection of their eyes. It is difficult to see ourselves, except in the imprint we leave on the world.

    Glass mirrors only give distorted images and internal critics have no rubric except erosion.

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