[396] Meeting In The Shadows

Now that you’re not here ⁣
our shadows meet behind us⁣
They flee when the night falls⁣
to converse behind trees⁣
when we’re unable to sleep

They find delight in their secrecy⁣⁣
While we make sense of the void⁣
The stars witness their dying light ⁣
while the starless city represents ours⁣
The old tree simply recalls many who failed & tried⁣

A powerful struggle against us, the masterminds ⁣
but the tree whistles carbon dioxide to keep them safe ⁣
The death of hope plays under the redundant shade⁣
as the stage gets set for the dawn of a new hope⁣
The sun finally wakes to separate them
Asleep finally

The Rome & Juliet of the night

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