[397] Teleported Beginnings

In between ⁣
letting go⁣
and ⁣
being gone⁣
I found myself ⁣
amidst the shores ⁣
that waves tried to tear down
I ate up the stars ⁣
in hopes that I will glow ⁣
But I ended up creating ⁣
darkness for the world around me ⁣

My wants and needs⁣
battle it out for my attention⁣
which assimilates in pieces ⁣
barely held together ⁣
The day ends just ⁣
as it had begun ⁣
I am unmoved, unblinking⁣
yet I have changed ⁣
I have grown yet I ⁣
remain the same ⁣
I let it all go ⁣
just to be somewhere

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A song to go with the poem – Radiohead – Meeting In The Aisle

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