[398] The Ballad of Crime

Knowledge is ⁣
robbed ⁣
of all meaning
when it meets⁣
Even the natural⁣
laws find themselves ⁣
in suspicion⁣
Visions of grandeur⁣
reach their twilight years⁣
and the search ⁣
for a common purpose ⁣

Structure ⁣
is a taboo⁣
Myths only⁣
serve ulterior motives⁣
This ⁣
is the mind of a criminal⁣
driven by the same systems⁣
it seeks to destroy⁣
Systems that ⁣
took away his serenity⁣

A well investigated ⁣
investigation needs ⁣
thinking outside the box⁣
It needs thinking like the criminal⁣
it wants to capture ⁣
Thinking like a devious mind⁣
Compassion impedes all it ⁣
wants to halt but⁣
duty takes over the now weak⁣
feeling of empathy ⁣
to sustain the same systems⁣
that made the crime a possibility ⁣

The circle of crime⁣
quite like the circle of time ⁣
finds itself chasing ends⁣
of a new beginning⁣
It chases the revenge ⁣
in the form of avenging⁣
when all there left is ⁣

7 thoughts on “[398] The Ballad of Crime

  1. Intriguing! R. G., can you reduce the meaning/purpose of your eloquent and clever poem to one sentence of truth for the ages?

    Thank you! 🙂

    1. Thank you for the appreciation.

      Everything is circular. The beginning is really the end and the end a beginning.

      Now you can apply that to the narrative in the poem and interpret accordingly.

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