[417] The Power of Imagination

Lies crumble under pressure⁣
unlike our diamond dreams ⁣
Flying in the sin city⁣
is not a crime⁣
when you’ve been⁣
wired to try and fail⁣
and build and nurture⁣
all the hopeless hopeful beings⁣
into the fire of patience ⁣
they rarely perceive to try by themselves⁣

The lust of power ⁣
kills a few from inside ⁣
as they destroy a million lives⁣
and ego is their carnal drive ⁣
masked by pretend empathy⁣
holding the lure of broken dreams⁣
selling us pure fantasies ⁣

And when it’s too late for ⁣
a conscience to take hold ⁣
The sinner finds no escape ⁣
except for the solace of an imaginary world ⁣
where he writes what he chose not to obey
so when he wrote these words for you to read
you would know better not to follow
you would know better to imagine instead
If simply put, you would know better

10 thoughts on “[417] The Power of Imagination

  1. Appreciate your poem Rahul. Imagination needs to be supported by the people. As a learner of imagination I focus on breaking the thinking and find different ways to be better. Imagination improves our creativity. I love reading and telling imagination stories.

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