[428] A To-Do List For Happiness

Fulfil your potential⁣⁣
Evolve upwards from what you have mastered⁣⁣
Search: Are we really made of stardust?⁣⁣
Assume form ⁣⁣
Live outside your head⁣⁣
Confirm reality⁣⁣
Ask why⁣⁣
Learn to form questions before you look for answers⁣⁣
Listen more than you speak⁣⁣
Play the long game ⁣⁣
Exercise to master your mind⁣⁣
Look up procrastination in the dictionary⁣⁣
(Did you do that?)⁣⁣
Create a character to learn perspective ⁣⁣
Create his personality.⁣⁣
(Why not her?⁣)⁣
Create her personality.⁣⁣
Recognise your biases⁣⁣
Work on your biases⁣⁣
Banish your biases⁣⁣
Get rid of needing validation⁣⁣
Smoke words every day⁣⁣
Learn a new word ⁣⁣
Use sequester somewhere⁣⁣
Make her feel like herself when she’s with you⁣⁣
Make her smile every day⁣⁣
Make yourself smile first⁣⁣
Make your bed⁣⁣
Make things and consume less⁣⁣
Consume the books on your to-do first⁣⁣
Use the 10% rule to finish the books⁣⁣
Finish this to-do list⁣⁣
Look up procrastination in the dictionary⁣⁣
(What’s stopping you to do that?)⁣⁣
Let go of the urge for perfection⁣⁣
Let go of things that are holding you back⁣⁣
Let go⁣⁣
(You’ll fulfil your potential⁣⁣
Everything, in time)

NaPoWriMo Day 9: Our (optional) prompt for the day is to write a poem in the form of a “to-do list.” The fun of this prompt is to make it the “to-do list” of an unusual person or character. 

I couldn’t let go of the opportunity to create a to-do list for myself since I have been procrastinating on not making one for aeons. So took some leeway and didn’t create one for an unusual character when I need to fix my own unusualness first. Let me know if you find something relatable or have any other opinions!

12 thoughts on “[428] A To-Do List For Happiness

  1. This was INCREDIBLE. It literally has everything you need for a happy life. I looked up procrastination in the dictionary (procrastinated on it the first time). I felt like my mind wrote this one for me in specific words to follow after being tired of my procrastination. So apt.

  2. Perhaps the best way to let go of the stress represented by a to-do list is to tear it up and start a new one. And if you start a new one, and don’t tear up the old one, then you have two… The mark of a procrastinator.
    At the top of my 47th list is, stop making to-do lists so you can live in the moment and check some of them off 🙂

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