[441] Thank Your Stars

The rough seas demanded a sacrifice⁣
The North Star hid behind clouds in plain sight ⁣
when the survivors looked for directions beyond⁣
The compass was invented and manifested⁣
to shift the anchor of our gaze down to our fool’s paradise⁣
Sailors turned to explorers all in an overnight⁣

We became the makers of our destiny and explored⁣
the first frontier called Earth while also learning to look inside⁣
We looked up again at the abode of the North Star⁣
which awaited our gaze in celestial patience
The compass fulfilled its purpose as the sailors⁣ turn into spacemen
and launch into the night paying respects to our first guiding light

NaPoWriMo Day 22: Today I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that invokes a specific object as a symbol of a particular time, era, or place.

I chose North Star and the compass as a symbol of navigation, survival and exploration. A fun fact is that the song “Across the Universe” by The Beatles was transmitted on 4 February 2008 by NASA in the direction of the star Polaris as an interstellar radio message (IRM).

10 thoughts on “[441] Thank Your Stars

  1. The fan

    We have an old fan,
    I’m lying under it, On my bed.

    I’m watching it
    Since my childhood.

    It is loyal like a dog,
    We’re proud of it.

    I hope, it’ll survive for
    generation to generation.

    Telling our forefathers stories
    to the young ones.

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